John from Sonic Drive Studio reviewing Hertz Drums.

John from Sonic Drive Studio give us nice feedback about Hertz Drums.

His opinion is great out from the box and easy to use for all metal genres.

“I hope you’re all doing well and welcome back to the channel. Time for another exciting video because the guys at Hertz Instruments asked me to take a look at their drum sampler plugin Hertz drums. Let’s get into it, so Hertz Drums is made by the guys from Hertz Studios. Bands like Vader, Decapitated and Behemoth have worked with them so they know their stuff. When it comes to drum sounds basically the hertz drums plug-in packs come with pre-processed drum sounds that sound very punchy and very mix ready right from the get-go but despite the fact that everything is pre-processed there are still many options in the plugin to shape your tone to your own liking now. All right that sounded pretty great. The drums sounded very professional, they cut through the mix and they were very punchy.

I loved how they sounded basically just a great all-around metal drum tone also note that I did not add any compression or eq or any post processing to the drums. Everything is coming from the drum sampler itself the only thing that I did add was some slate virtual tape machine to all the channels just to warm things up a little bit, so all the compression and eq and all that stuff is on the samples themselves which is great for people who want a drum sound that sounds awesome in the mix right from the start.

Plug-in is awesome
especially for getting great and
professional drum sounds within minutes. Absolutely awesome for  writing for beginners for professionals whatever you
can think of basically and if you’re not a huge fan of the way that the drums are processed perhaps you can shape them
yourself even further in your daw.