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Hertz Drums 2 Software Bundle
soundonsound hertz drums bundle

Hertz Drums Bundle has been nominated for Best Software Instrument in Sound On Sound Magazine.

Hertz Drums BUNDLE

Hertz Drums BUNDLE is the result of two and a half years of capturing the drum samples, developing and testing the software that we as sound producers with 20 years of experience have created not just for you, but also for ourselves.

Classic rock, funk, alternative, progressive, classic metal, djent and many more – whatever the genre, Hertz Drums BUNDLE has got you covered!

Celebrated for its excellence, Hertz Drums Bundle has earned a nomination for Best Software Instrument by Sound On Sound Magazine.

With those crispy versatile trademark drum tones straight out of the box, Hertz Drums BUNDLE is the critical piece of the puzzle that will finally bring your drums to life and MAKE YOUR PRODUCTIONS SOUND THE WAY YOU WANT!


  • Hertz Drums 2 standard software with sampler
  • 3 drum kits (White, Blue, Red)
  • ready to use full drum sounds organized by user friendly presets
  • midi library containing 1560 grooves played by a real drummer (Peter Somos)


The lowest price in EUR ( April 19, 2024 ): 279.00$
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  1. Epic Kit
  2. Funk Rock
  3. Ghost
  4. Grind Drums
  5. Hammer
  6. Nocturnal
  7. Not High At All
  8. Pop
  9. Solid Kit
  10. Stoner Metal
  11. Alternative Rock
  12. Core Metal
  13. Dark Vibe
  14. Djent
  15. Drive Rock
  16. The One
  17. Must Try
  18. Power Metal
  19. Art Rock
  20. Blizzard Kit
  21. Brit Pop
  22. Classic Metal
  23. Crystal Skull
  24. Diamond In The Rough
  25. Drum Dynamite
  26. Elite Kit
  27. Epic Rock
  28. Adrina Kit
  29. Prog Rock
  30. Rockstar
  31. Sonic Storm
  32. Thrasher Kit
  33. Big Studio
  34. Bright Impact
  35. Deep Pulse
  36. Drumscape
  37. Eureka!
  38. Forceful Blow
  39. Metal
  40. Modern
  41. Progressive Metal
  42. Rock Metal
  43. Rock
  44. Smack Kit
  45. Subterranean Sword
  46. Underground Vibe
  47. Vast Room
  48. Vibe Alloy
  • 3 DI microphone selection 
  • Thousands of samples, Left and Right hand “humanized” playing capability, giving you the feel of a real drummer playing
  • Drum sampler function – load your own samples onto each instrument channel
  • 3 performance modes – low, mid and high – allowing you to use your PC/Mac potential to the fullest
  • Additional SUB mic for Bass Drums and Toms allowing you to shape up the low end more precisely
  • Humanize button that gives the drums that extra human touch even when you’re working with your own custom samples
  • 20-pc drum set, recorded on Neve console
  • FX samples for additional customization
  • Precise and intuitive envelope shaper (ADSR) available for each instrument or separate mic
  • Over 1560 midi-grooves in various genres played by world-class drummers
  • Easy access to instrument groups
  • Unique Reverse button that plays the selected drum sample backward
  • Flip button that flips the stereo image (Left/Right), allowing you to choose between the drummer’s and the audience’s listening perspective
  • Follow switch that allows you to adjust the stereo placement either exclusively for the DI of a drum or together with its Overhead, Room and Reverb outputs;
  • Ambience panel to precisely set the proportion between the Room and Reverb ambience for each individual instrument
  • Groove browser with all of the loops organized into 4 categories – Intros, Main beats, Outros and Fills, arranged left to right in the order of playing intensity
  • Sample browser where you can listen to each instrument sample as well as the 3 types of microphones
  • Midi-mapping page, where you can freely assign midi-notes to each of the 8 possible articulations for every kit piece, while also independently controlling the volume of each articulation
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface, quick access to all program functions

… and many many more

Minimal requirements:


Mac OS 10.13 or newer (64 bit) 8 GB Ram Display 1280×1024 64 bit AU, VST or AAX host application.


Windows 7 or newer (64 bit) 8 GB Ram Display 1280×1024 64 bit VST or AAX host application.

Total download size:

6 GB

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Need some assistance?

Send us an e-mail. We are happy to help you.

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