In Flames Meet Your Maker using Metal Unlimited Raw Pack

66Samus playing drums with big "In Flames" text behind him In Flames’ Meet Your Maker played by 66Samus with Hertz Drums OHHH YURRR! Absolutely great performance! Meet Your Maker played by Samus Paulicelli sounds huge and sick! 66Samus is an amazing multi-instrumentalist and a very fun to watch youtuber and in this video he’s using preset no 6 from our newest drum sample pack. […]

YOU Control Your Sound!

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Main features and benefits of Hertz Drums, how to get realistic programmed acoustic drums, drum Midi grooves, fills, ends and many more.

All those info Marlon from White Noise Studio put in this video.

Gabe Fry and his mixing workflow on modern production

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Gabe is a sound engineer in Kimura Recordings (rock/metal focused recording studio out of Austin Texas). On this video he shows how to deal with Hertz Drums during the mixes. He is also demonstrating his workflow. For more information check out

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