Make drums come true

The legendary Hertz Studio presents its newest and most revolutionary product in the world of drum sound.

Designed to bridge the gap between recording drums in a pro studio and writing drums at home.

Perfect and realistic sound of big drums in one plugin.

A few words about us

Hertz Drums is the brainchild of the Wieslawski brothers, Wojtek and Slawek, and software developer/musician Alex Yashchanka.

Over the course of 20+ years, Hertz Recording Studios, founded and run by Wojtek and Slawek, have worked with over 300 bands and artists in almost every genre of music, such as Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, Hate, Hour of Penance, Łydka Grubasa, Luxtorpeda, to name just a few, producing groundbreaking records and conquering the charts all over the world.

The idea of a brand-new audio plugin started taking shape during Alex’s recording session with Wojtek and Slawek at Hertz Studio. They decided to combine the brothers’ huge experience in the music industry and Alex’s in-depth technical knowledge to create an all-in-one drum programming solution, which has come to be known as Hertz Drums.

All of the drum tones, samples and grooves were meticulously crafted at Hertz Studio to ensure that the final result would exceed the expectations of even the most demanding users.

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A few words about Hertz Drums

Hertz Drums is our first creation, designed with the intent to revolutionise virtual drums forever. Hertz Drums allows both professional engineers and home-recording enthusiasts to create the most authentic professional drum sound without the struggles of dealing with real drums and even leaving the comfort of your home.

After our initial success we’re gearing up to release new products!


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