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Hertz Drums software: all-in-one virtual drum solution for home and pro users, offering unmatched functionality and pro-level tones in a single kit, ideal for beginners and pros.


Hertz Drums was nominated for the best software of 2024 by Sound on Sound magazine. 


You have to log in to your account at https://hertzinstruments.com/my-account/

Go to the Downloads tab and download the software installer (select the version depending on your operating system) and the packs you have purchased.

Once the downloads are completed, be sure to extract all of the files from the ZIParchives;

  1. Make sure your DAW is closed before proceeding with the installation;
  2. Open the installation file:
    • HertzDrums.exe on Windows;
    • HertzDrums.pkg on Mac OS.

Complete the installation by following the steps on the screen.

Important: If you run into any problems at this stage, try disabling your antivirus.

  1. Once the installation is complete, open your DAW and find the plugin in the Virtual Instruments section of the DAW. Open the plugin in the DAW;
  2. Upon the first launch the pulgin will request you to provide the e-mail you used to purchase the product. Please enter it in the textbox and click „Send”;
  3. After the authorization is complete you can start using the software.

Hertz Drums supports various types of traditional and digital e-drum pads. Please follow the steps in our blog:

These are just a few examples of the software tools commonly used by drum and bass producers. The specific choice of software depends on individual preferences, workflow preferences, and the desired sound aesthetic one of them might be Hertz Drums that you can try out for 14 days for free. Check out the video:

Creating your own drum machine software can be a challenging process that demands a diverse set of skills, including proficiency in programming languages. To simplify this endeavor, consider utilizing a pre-developed solution such as Hertz Drums.


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