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Hertz Drums Complete 1 Bundle ALL
soundonsound hertz drums bundle

Hertz Drums Bundle has been nominated for Best Software Instrument in Sound On Sound Magazine.

Hertz Drums Complete 1

Hertz Drums Complete 1 offers all Hertz Drums products released to date in one package meeting the needs of even the most demanding producers.

Pick from a nearly limitless collection of raw and processed drum samples to create your perfect drum kit, or use one of the dozens of pre-mixed kits ready to be dropped into your project.

Develop your musical ideas into fully fleshed-out songs with thousands of unique MIDI drum parts played by real drummers in various styles.

Gain full control over every aspect of your drum tone with Hertz Drums 2 – the most versatile and feature-rich virtual drum software on the market.

With Hertz Drums Complete 1 your drum sound has no limits!

Hertz Drums 2 standard software with sampler
6 drum kits (White, Blue, Red, Fame&Fury, Grand Rock Kit, Metal Unlimited)
ready to use full drum sounds organized by user friendly presets
midi library: Peter Somos Midi Grooves and Midi Grooves by Daray


The lowest price in EUR ( May 6, 2024 ): 549.00$
  1. White Pack – 16 presets
  2. Blue Pack – 16 presets
  3. Red Pack – 16 presets
  4. Fame&Fury – 13 presets
  5. Grand Rock Kit – 21 presets
  6. Metal Unlimited – 25 presets
  • 3 DI microphone selection 
  • Thousands of samples, Left and Right hand “humanized” playing capability, giving you the feel of a real drummer playing
  • Drum sampler function – load your own samples onto each instrument channel
  • 3 performance modes – low, mid and high – allowing you to use your PC/Mac potential to the fullest
  • Additional SUB mic for Bass Drums and Toms allowing you to shape up the low end more precisely
  • Humanize button that gives the drums that extra human touch even when you’re working with your own custom samples
  • 20-pc drum set, recorded on Neve console
  • FX samples for additional customization
  • Precise and intuitive envelope shaper (ADSR) available for each instrument or separate mic
  • Over 1560 midi-grooves in various genres played by world-class drummers
  • Easy access to instrument groups
  • Unique Reverse button that plays the selected drum sample backward
  • Flip button that flips the stereo image (Left/Right), allowing you to choose between the drummer’s and the audience’s listening perspective
  • Follow switch that allows you to adjust the stereo placement either exclusively for the DI of a drum or together with its Overhead, Room and Reverb outputs;
  • Ambience panel to precisely set the proportion between the Room and Reverb ambience for each individual instrument
  • Groove browser with all of the loops organized into 4 categories – Intros, Main beats, Outros and Fills, arranged left to right in the order of playing intensity
  • Sample browser where you can listen to each instrument sample as well as the 3 types of microphones
  • Midi-mapping page, where you can freely assign midi-notes to each of the 8 possible articulations for every kit piece, while also independently controlling the volume of each articulation
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface, quick access to all program functions

… and many many more.


Minimal requirements:


Mac OS 10.13 or newer (64 bit) 8 GB Ram Display 1280×1024 64 bit AU, VST or AAX host application.


Windows 7 or newer (64 bit) 8 GB Ram Display 1280×1024 64 bit VST or AAX host application.

Total download size:

18.30 GB

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Need some assistance?

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