First look: Hertz Drums VSTi Instrument by Tim Talks Audio

Play Video about Tim Talks Audio checking out Hertz Drums VSTi

First Look: Hertz Drums VSTi instrument by Tim Talks Audio

Looking for an exciting new drum VSTi that offers unparalleled versatility, customizability, and functionality? Look no further than Hertz Drums! This innovative instrument packs a massive amount of features into a user-friendly layout that’s easy to learn and use.

But that’s not all – Hertz Drums VSTi also offers a range of expansion packs that let you build your drum library and explore new sonic possibilities. And if you’re a fan of heavy metal, you won’t want to miss the newly released METAL UNLIMITED RAW Pack, which adds even more shells, mics, and options to your arsenal.

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We recently got our hands on Hertz Drums VSTi and were blown away by what it can do. Thanks to its intuitive design and powerful features, we were able to create incredible drum tracks with ease. And with a 14-day free trial, there’s no reason not to give it a try for yourself!

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hey everyone this time on Tim talks

audio we’re checking out a drum VST this

is Hertz drums so Hertz drums is a newer

VST instrument of exactly like it sounds

it’s a drum kit but it’s not just this

standard drum kit there is a lot of

functionality going on inside this VST

instrument every single shell has been

meticulously captured with multiple

microphones in multiple positions with

multiple different rooms and there’s all

kinds of grooves going on there’s a lot

of flexibility and with Hertz drums they

have different drum packs which are

different shells with different heads

and different microphones so there’s an

immense amount of Versatility inside

this one drum VST and it doesn’t stop

there they didn’t just change the

microphones for all of the different

shells they did it for the overheads and

the symbol mics as well and the room

mics so there’s a ton going on within

just this one drum plug-in if you just

wanted the drum sounds and then it has

grooves you can pull in built-in grooves

into your session and even extract the

midi to put right into your session and

have it trigger the drum instrument when

it needs to inside your session there’s

two things I need to say before we dive

into the Daw the first is that Hertz

instruments sent me this plugin to check

out for you guys so you can think of

this video like it’s partially sponsored

they sent the plugin over but all of the

opinions within this video are my own

second is when we dive into the Daw I am

going to go away unfortunately I had a

failure in my recording setup and this

video capture just failed it happens

sometimes but I recorded this new intro

and all of the information you’re about

to see in the rest of the video still

stands true now let’s go ahead and check

out Hertz Drums by diving into the Daw

okay so here it is by default this is

gonna be sort of what it looks like

there’s a few minor things that I’ve

done in preparations for this video but

this is what you’re gonna see when you

open up Hertz drums you’ll see obviously

the user interface in the top showing

you the amount of drums and symbols that

are available Within These kits as well

as the mixer with multiple channels so

that you can do all of your individual

symbols and overheads Rooms reverbs

Direct shells things like that and be

able to go into different groups like

your kicks as you can see there’s

multiple kick drums snares Toms etc etc

so this is the mixer view we’re not

limited to just one set of shells or

just one kit so here’s where things get

really ridiculous and allow you to fine

tune whatever you need for your

Productions so I’m going to start with

the right Kick Drum

there it is that’s how it sounds on its

own when we load up I have this preset

rock metal I just pulled in one of the

presets so this is the kick drum that

we’re going to get this is cool I like

the sound of it but I wish it was

recorded with a different microphone

sure when you’re looking in this view

you can come up to the top and you can

see that there are three different

microphone selections available a b and

c and as we click through we just heard

a now let’s go to B this is the same

drum with a different microphone

and now see

so you can hear there’s lots of

variation between just these three

different microphones on the one shell

now imagine being able to do this across

all of the shells because you can by

holding shift on your keyboard if you

change any one of these

the entire kit will now shift to the

other selection of microphones per shell

or per symbol different selections and

different microphones were used during

the capturing of these kits for all

these samples and now I say all of these

kits because it’s not just one depending

on what you get because there’s lots of

options available with the different

sample packs red blue white and now they

also have the metal unlimited pack this

is a brand new pack that they just

released but before we switch over to

metal unlimited let’s keep going with

what we have right now we’re in the

mixer view but I want to go in and

really fine tune individual elements yes

I could click on a drum change the

microphone and whatever I need to do

here but let’s go into the library and

sampler and now you can see that there’s

way more options right in here so right

now we’re adjusting the kick drums using

the Grid on bottom I can hover around

and it’s going to tell me different

elements about the drum in questions

right now I’m looking at my kick drum

and it says group selection kick this is

what we’re working with right now this

is the drum and the microphone that

we’re currently using on our Kick Drum

and we can see that the instrument is a

vintage 24 by 14. this is from the white

pack that’s available with Hertz drums

within the white pack you also have a

Master 22 by 18 inch a maple 24 by 14

inch a classic 24 by 18 and an absolute

22 by 18. these are all different shells

all captured meticulously with multiple

microphones so left to right different

shells vertically different microphones

on those shells so you can go with

classic 24×18

and that was mic a maybe you don’t like

that maybe you’d prefer an absolute 22

by 18 with Mike B

cool now I’m just regular left single

clicking on these different pads to get

a single one shot so I can hear and

Sample the drum if I want to commit to

it I just right click or if you’re on

Mac you can two finger click on a

trackpad but really you just need the

alternate click and now you’ll see that

this square of wherever you selected

illuminates so now this Kick Drum my

right kick is going to be my maple 24

with microphone B if I go back to the

left kick

you can see and here it’s a different

shell with a different microphone well

it’s the same microphone but it’s a

different shell so it’s going to sound

similar but obviously different and as

you purchase and load in more packs this

menu gets to be expansive it grows with

you so here are the five different shell

sets of the metal unlimited pack then we

have the white pack the red pack and the

blue pack three different microphones

five different sets of shells per pack

right now with what the guys over at

Hertz drums have done and they have

thankfully have sent over everything

thank you very much guys I have nearly

60 different options per drum of what I

can choose for my drum sounds I want

something further away maybe I want the

C microphone on something I want

something a little tighter a little

punchier you can click through and

really customize but of course it comes

loaded with a ton of presets you come up

to the top blue pack presets here’s five

individual presets red pack has the same

white pack and the metal unlimited has

way more they have the basic kits metal

kits and then snap kit something about

the snap kits is this is something you

would use to help bolster your Live

recorded acoustic drums because this is

real clicky it’s a real attacky it’s

just going to add some snap and some

presence to your drums and you can blend

them in to your Live recorded drums so

now you’re sample replacing or sample

augmenting your live drums with some

extra snap and I’m going to load one in

right now


so you can hear there’s not a lot going

on there’s really not a lot of punch but

the snap kits are there to add that snap

and that attack the presence that you

want and then you can get the punch with

your Live recorded drums there’s way

more you can do within this instrument

as well it also has grooves that you

could pull in and you can sample them

just by clicking on any one of these

pads and when you find a Groove that you

like and I’m just going to kind of slide

over a little bit more so when you find

a Groove that you like let’s say this

one you come down to the bottom

selection here and here’s where you can

preview at either half your session

Tempo or double your session Tempo but

let’s say this is the perfect groove

just use the little Crosshair here and

you could drag it right into your

session locked to your Tempo and just

like with other drum instruments you can

do some audio routing you don’t have to

have everything coming out of just a

stereo left right maybe you want to

break it out and do some of your own

processing on the individual shells or

the symbols the rooms the everything you

can just kind of go into the routing and

change it to a different set of outputs

from your instrument maybe you have an

electric drum kit just like I do and you

want to use this or play the part

yourself click on the little midi button

here and make sure your mapping is

correct and they already have a bunch of

standardized mappings built right in so

if you go to e-drum presets maybe you

have a Roland kit maybe you just have

General midi or an Alesis set you can

pull in some of the mapping already and

there’s other ones as well perhaps you

have a different virtual drummer and you

like it’s mapping something like this

one that we’ve used in the past before

but you can just pull that in and the

mapping will all follow suit especially

with your e-kit or your pads or however

you want to put your drums in and

without going even further in because we

can really go much further in

changing velocities reversing samples

adjusting the attack and decay of all of

these things the blends of the direct

mics into the overheads the sub

frequencies the reverbs there’s really a

ton you can do especially on this right

hand side over here but instead of

getting into all of that we’re just

going to use presets for now and you’ve

seen how we can just jump into a preset

and change it to suit our needs let’s

take a listen to how this thing actually

sounds I have two different riffs that

I’ve worked on here using some of the

grooves inside of Hertz drums so the

first one is just a really heavy sludgy

kind of guitar riff honestly the guitars

are holding on one note and the bass is

just kind of walking up the scale and

then there’s a little bit of a pad to

kind of just add some width and some

textures that’s the first one and then

the second one is more kind of punk

Rocky but we’ll do each one of these

three times to go through just a couple

different presets so you can hear the

versatility of what they ship with these

packs and then like we said before

there’s tons of flexibility so that you

can customize it for your own

Productions here’s the first riff three

times over three different presets


thank you





okay like we said that was banging

through just a couple of the different

presets now let’s say basic kit 4 this

is exactly what you need but you just

want it slightly different I’m going to

hold down shift and I’m going to come

over to my mic selection and it really

doesn’t matter which drum you’re using

and holding shift and clicking on any

one of these will shift the entire drum

kit to that microphone selection so now

same basic kit for instead of microphone

selection B we’re now using microphone

selection a



so there it is that’s Hertz drums once

again they sent this over for this

review and everything you heard was my

own opinion I want to thank the guys

over at Hertz Studios where all of this

was captured and you could definitely

check them out and I’ll put a link to

their website down below also if you

want to pick up your own copy of Hertz

drums use the link down in the

description there’s a 14 day free trial

so you can go ahead and go try it out

for two weeks get some Productions done

and if you do enjoy how Hertz drums

sounds and works it is pretty affordable

for the amount of flexibility that you

have in here it normally goes for 229

Euros or that’s 244 US Dollars there’s a

little bit of conversion going on and

that price might fluctuate a little bit

but about 250 dollars gets you a ton of

flexibility within one drum VST

instrument that’s all for now if you

found anything informative please like

and share the video if you want to talk

drum sound maybe some plugins or have

your mix reviewed by a bunch of peers

jump into the Discord there’s going to

be a link down in the description if you

want to work with me mixing your next

release I want to work with you let’s

get that process started over at and if you have a

question ask it in the comments and I’ll

answer it in a future video thanks for


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