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The Clearest Metal Drum Plugin I’ve Heard!

“The most mix ready kit I’ve heard and if you’re after clear pristine modern metal drums, you can’t go wrong with these.”- great review from Resingtone about

Hertz Drums Plugin

On this video he is using Reaper and showing the main functions of Hertz Drums with White Pack. For this particular song he used Metal preset with small pitch correction of snare and tine eq adjusting.


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hey everyone how’s it going
I’ve got some drums for you
Hertz Drums make drum sample libraries
they currently have 3 packs out red
blue and white which have just showed
white is very much about modern clean metal production
the interface is nothing out the ordinary
you’ve got the kit itself
clicking on the individual pieces
brings up their controls volume
mic selection which is cool
pitch di overhead
sub effects which seems to add compression and EQ
my favorite feature is the ambience control
just an intelligent way of doing it
then there’s a nice transient control as well
all good useful stuff to help shape the kit
no EQ as far as I can see
some sample libraries simply don’t have that either
because they know
people often route kits out to their DW
for full mixing control
I’m honestly not interested in how this kit sounds
with multi out processing
I’ve only ever been interested in what
these libraries can give me
out the box with
maybe some light processing
on the stereo track I have to say
this is a very mixed ready plug in for my mix anyway
I use the metal preset
and it needed very little tweaking
I pitch the snare up a bit
messed with levels here and there
I did use REQ for a low shelf of 45 hertz
but as far as extra processing that’s it
one big thing is that my laptop monitor isn’t full
1920 by 1080 this
UI isn’t resusable
and it doesn’t have any page sliders either
so I can’t access the master controls at the bottom
obviously I should get a better laptop
but for now just use a volume
plug in after this to get some control
so my only gripe is a resusable UI would be nice
if you guys use this and you find a resizing option
please let me know overall
this is for people who want great
modern polish drums for their mixes
out the box sound wise it’s pretty much flawless
very dynamic and it’s got all the control I need
Hertz Drums have done some great demos of this kit by itself
over on their channel if you want to check that out
I’d put this up against the bigger company stuff
any day but don’t take my word for it guys
get the 14 day free trial and try it for yourselves
alright guys
since you made it this far I just wanna plug my music
it’s available from the links below
if you like metal death metal
anything like that check it out
thanks for watching guys I really appreciate it
and subscribe
if you wanna see more metal related stuff
I’ll be back sometime with a video on something else
so until then Ciao

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