Awesome, modern, metal song with Blue Pack

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Adrina studio published new song with Hertz Drums.
Drums replaced with Hertz Drums Blue Pack.
No additional samples  where used on this mix – just Hertz Drums plugin.

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Ville is this week's winner in Hertz Drums Autumn Contest

First winner of Hertz Drums Autumn Contest Congrats to Ville Koskinen on winning this week’s prize in our Hertz Drums autumn contest! Using 14 day free trial of Hertz Drums. If you want your music to be heard, don’t wait for later! Get our Hertz Drums Free Trial and send your music to us right now! […]

Gabe Fry and his mixing workflow on modern production.

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Gabe is a sound engineer in Kimura Recordings (rock/metal focused recording studio out of Austin Texas). On this video he shows how to deal with Hertz Drums during the mixes. He is also demonstrating his workflow. For more information check out

David Lloyd  killer play-through.

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David Lloyd demonstrating the full potential of Hertz drums sounds with the killer play-through with Hertz drums and our Kemper Profiles used for the sound of his guitar and bass (Kemper Bass Pack and Metal Impact for guitars).

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