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Make Drums Come True!

Scott from Chernobyl Studios and his thoughts about Hertz Drums.

Great review give us Scott from Chernobyl Studios. It shows how to work with Hertz Drums, how those samples sound and fits with modern music.

Enjoy it:)

A Better Way To Use DRUM SAMPLES!

How to deal with drum samples in your mix? Tutorial from Recording Studio Looser. His way of work and feeling about Hertz Drums.

Łukasz Bielem with Hertz Drums 14-days trial.

Listen how Lukasz used our Hertz Drums demo for his video.

YOU control your sound!

Main features and benefits of Hertz Drums, how to get realistic programmed acoustic drums, drum Midi grooves, fills, ends and many more.

All those info Marlon from White Noise Studio put in this video.


Gabe Fry and his mixing workflow on modern production.

Gabe is a sound engineer in Kimura Recordings (rock/metal focused recording studio out of Austin Texas). On this video he shows how to deal with Hertz Drums during the mixes. He is also demonstrating his workflow.  For more information check out www.kimurarecordings.com

Fotia Showing the full potential of Blue Pack.

Here is video from Fotia showing how Blue Packs sounds in modern music.

More about Folia:


Sarvastivada covering Master of Puppets. Enjoy it!

#strangerthings #eddiemunson #metallica #masterofpuppets

Wow, what a Metal/Djent mix from Core Studio with our Free Hertz Drums Trial.

More about Core Studio:


Watch this amazing video from Fotia using Hertz Drums Bundle.


Songwriting▫️Music Production▫️Audio Mixing
Godhead of @athena.annihilator.records 
Bassist of @princethedeathofficial 
Contact : [email protected]

Astralizard using Hertz Drums in his music production.

Astralizard is a progressive/modern metal project.

Want to know more: https://www.instagram.com/astralizard_/


David Lloyd  killer play-through.

David Lloyd demonstrating the full potential of Hertz drums sounds with the killer play-through with Hertz drums and our Kemper Profiles  used for the sound of his guitar and bass (Kemper Bass Pack and Metal Impact for guitars).

Want to check more about David Lloyd:


Hertz Drums Blue pack play-through by Teemu Rämö.

More about Teemu Rämö:


Listen to how Herts Drums sounds in the mix.

Lorenzo Vichi –  musician\producer\content creator from Italy. 

Lorenzo Vichi:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_v_law_/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorenzovichimusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/V_Law_
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@v_law_

Kemper Bass Pack sound samples played by Wieslawski Wojtek 

Drum groove – Peter Somos Not 4×4 Pack

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